Feature Film


A Dystopian Dilemma

Set in the near-future, this sci-fi thriller pays homage to film noir in its look and feel, with beautifully shot scenes that appear like duotones or subtly colorized monochromatic images. This dramatic and highly stylized photography required that I was understated in my approach and limited the use of color, with dark tones for most costumes. Instead, I relied on silhouette and texture to help create and define the look for each character.

In this regard, Clive Owen essentially played two characters – the rumpled detective, and when he went undercover – the immaculately tailored financier. In each instance, the fit and cut of his clothing supported his character’s transition. Also, specific items became almost a signature piece of costuming for each main character. For Amanda Seyfried’s character, I designed her very stylized trench coat with its distinctive cut and lapels. Working in this disciplined environment offers the¬†opportunity to be more innovative.